Virtual Couples Breastfeeding Class

Virtual Couples Breastfeeding Class

This class is for a pregnant woman who desires to breastfeed and her spouse/support person

In this Private Couples Prenatal Virtual Breastfeeding Class, you will learn

  1. How Breastfeeding Works
  2. How to Breastfeed
  3. When to Feed Your Baby
  4. Getting Enough Milk
  5. Breast Care
  6. Biblical Breastfeeding Mothers
  7. Christian Principles to Breastfeeding by Faith
  8. How to become a Nursing Mothering Raising Children with Generational IMPACT (TM)
  9. Questions and Answers throughout the inactive class.

👀Items to bring to enhance your virtual live learning experience:

1. Teddy Bear or baby doll

2. Water

* This Class is a biblical based breastfeeding class. Participants should be open to receiving prayer and discussion on biblical principles of mothering. All spiritual beliefs welcome! Support partners strongly encouraged.

*Class includes one Breastfeeding Web app /E-Book that includes ability to track feeding duration & frequency and diaper log.

*Bring a practice doll or teddy bear

Teacher is Minister/Mother Angelique MSN, RN,IBCLC, International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant~ Doing the Office of Midwife to Kingdom of God Women