I had hoped by the time this website posted to have a statement and a beautiful picture of several famous Christian breastfeeding mothers.  I continue to stand in faith for that manifestation.

In the meantime, God in his infinite wisdom had me go to his word to share briefly with you some biblical breastfeeding mothers.

  1. Sarah: Mother to Isaac. Sarah at the age of 90 gives birth.  Isaac was nursed for at least two to three years. Once he was weaned from breastfeeding his father through a party. Laughing!!! (Genesis 21:6-8)
  2. JochebedMother to Moses. Jochebed breastfeed Moses at least three months and was paid wages by the very enemy group that wanted to kills her son and other male children. (Exodus 2:9). God refers to Jochebed and her husband as parents with no fear, but faith (Exodus 11:23). Moses grows up to be one of God’s chosen leaders. Talk about Generational IMPACT ™
  3. Hannah-Mother to Samuel. Hannah nursed Samuel for about two to three years (1 Samuel 1:22-24). Samuel grew to be one of God’s chosen leaders! Generational IMPACT ™

You are no different from these women in God’s eye. Matter fact God refers to you as a daughter of Sarah (1 Peter3:6) and a daughter of Abraham (Luke 13:16). It is biblical to nurse your baby in length 3 months to 3 years. No Fear. Only Faith! Faith that you too with God’s help will bring forth a child that will help and change the next generation! You are a “Nursing Mother Raising Children with Generational IMPACT ™!